Escroquerie de l’entreprise Real Estate Investors en Belgique vole électricité, de l’eau détournement des fond de locataire par Raf et Patrick Lemmens(scam attention the Building Capital, Real Estate Investors in Belguim by Patrick Lemmens)   Mise à jour récente !

Patrick Lemmens scam of the century


Patrick holds a master’s degree in Civil Engineering (1980) and a master’s degree in Business Economics (1982), both from the Catholic University of Louvain.
In 2016, he co-founded “Building Capital” an investment fund focused on financing residential real estate development in Belgium.
In 2011, he co-founded UHasselt Venture Management. UHVM invests in spin-offs of the University of Hasselt, Belgium.
In 2010 Patrick incorporated Panta REI, a Luxembourg Soparfi, to co-invest in Belgian Real Estate residential projects.
From 2001 till 2010 Patrick was partner at StoneFund, the 40 M€ venture capital fund of the Colruyt family. He invested in high-tech companies and held several board seats in Europe and in the US.
From 1991 till 2001 he was board member at « De Televisiefabriek », the television production company of Paul Jambers and sold it in 2001 to Eyeworks, a Dutch company.
In 1988 Patrick co-founded General Control Applications. GCA developed stearing software for the petrochemical industry. In 1992 he sold GCA to Bellt, a Dutch company active in the Food Industry.
From 1986 till 1988 Patrick was account manager at Fortis Bank. Fortis detached him to the V.I.V. , the private equity fund of the Fortis Group.
In 1983 Patrick was a design engineer at LAG manufacturing. He developed a new aerodynamic coach with a polyester body.
In 1982 Patrick started as an assistant professor at the Catholic University of Louvain.
Note : beware because this man and his brother the dentist is an escros who diverts money on many of the tenants to give to the workers who work in the construction on buildings or apartments, when he did not try to money to pay the worker and slept in an apartment that works with electricity that flies to the tenant without permission, he steals their electric meter to give the worker and makes rent a lot of rent to tenants, tenants have to pay a lot of electricity sense to perceive that their counter decreases a lot.
according to testimonials of many people, Patrick Lemmens works as a banker, he claims that he is right N.V.A but in reality he is for the Rothschilds.
source lien dossier N°1 : linkedin
Source lien dossier N°2 : buildingcapital

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